Rug Pads

What is a Rug Pad?

To keep your favorite rugs and carpets in tip-top shape, slip a rug pad underneath! But don't worry - you won't be slipping away any time soon... Rug pads are primarily designed to prevent slippage and to provide a smooth, supportive base for your rug. Your feet will also be on cloud nine, since rug pads add a soft cushioning underfoot, and rug pads can be placed under area rugs that go over carpeting, thus both protecting and beautifying your carpets!

Rug Pad Benefits

Although they are placed on the ground, rug pads deserve a standing ovation for the many benefits they provide:

•- Rug pads prevent slippage and provide soft cushioning underfoot

•- Rug pads prevent rug buckling and wrinkling, giving your rugs a smooth, sleek appearance

•- Rug pads enhance the look of cheaper area rugs

•- Rug pads can easily be cut to fit rugs of all shapes and sizes

•- Rug pads prevent floors from becoming scratched

•- Rug pads prevent the buildup of bacteria and mildew

•- Cleaning is a walk in the park with rag pads! Rug pads are easily hand-washed, and vacuuming is easier with a rug pad in place

Preventing Your Rugs from Becoming Ragged

Here is a down-to-earth fact about rugs that most people are not aware of: Since traffic overtop constantly presses and crushes the underneath of a rug against the floor surface, rugs actually wear out sooner on the bottom than on top! Reliable rug pads act as a barrier between your fashionable rug and the floor, absorbing the effects of foot traffic and protecting and prolonging the life of your carpets.

And here is an important rug pad tip: Since dirt acts as a grinding agent which can destroy rug fibers, choose a rug pad with ridges or bumps, which act to trap dirt and prevent dirt and dust particles from seeping into your carpets.

Types of Rug Pads

As the realm of rugs continues to expand, so does the range of rug pads available. You can select from: thin (1/16"), thick (1/8"), and extra-thick (1/4") rug pads; super-lock rug pads; rug pads for hardwood floors, laminate floors, tiles, and ceramic; indoor and outdoor rug pads; compostable rug pads (constructed from jute mesh and coated with natural latex); rag pads that go over carpeting (these rug pads are specially designed to prevent dark area rug colors from bleeding onto carpets below).

Patio Rug Pads

Patio rug pads and outdoor rug pads are specifically constructed for outdoor surfaces (i.e., concrete, stone, wood, tile), and are extra thick to cushion and comfort your feet. Slightly elevating their outdoor rug counterparts from the ground, outdoor rug pads help drain debris and rain water away from your outdoor mats; made from material that is anti-mildew and anti-microbial, these protective pads are sure to prolong both the life and the good looks of all your rugs!