Ceiling Fans & Lighting

Ceiling fans are hot, and lighting fixtures can be an inexpensive upgrade to a standard ceiling fan.  If you’re considering adding an overhead light to any room, consider adding a ceiling fan with a lighting fixture.

Ceiling fans are not only an easy, inexpensive upgrade to a room, but can save on energy costs as well.  Used properly, ceiling fans can reduce not only air conditioning costs (up to 40%), but heating costs (up to 10%) as well.

If you think ceiling fans are just plain, old white that will do nothing for the room, think again, there are a host of inexpensive, and not so inexpensive, options that can enhance the room.  Consider adding a brass fan with warm wood blades to a more traditional room, or a steel fan with light wood blades to a more contemporary room.

For period rooms, there are some impressive options offered by Casablanca and Fanimation that are not be believed.  All have optional lighting fixtures, and can cost a pretty penny – but they have the best period styles along with some really cool contemporary options.

Choose the right size for your room to optimize the energy savings:

  • For smaller rooms up to 75 square feet, use a 29-32 inch fan.
  • Medium sized rooms up to 144 square feet - a 12x12 room, 42-46 inches is an appropriate size; and
  • For larger than 144 square feet, go for 50 inches or more.

Lighting Options

The lighting options are usually interchangeable or can be offered in a separate kit, so you can completely customize fans with your choice of lighting. Options include a single globe fixture, armed and shaped candelabra styles and straight armed options.

Adding the light fixture to a ceiling fan only takes a matter of minutes, and most fixtures are termed universal, so can be used on almost any brand.  But be advised that Hunter and Casablanca fans only use their own brand of fixtures and cannot accept the universals.

A ceiling fan is usually an easy DIY installation if there’s an existing ceiling fixture, but an electrician can usually do it in a snap – under a ½ hour.  To save time and money, have everything prepared for them before they get there, but let them put the fan together, they do at least one a day and can get it done quickly.

If you’re looking for a stylish overhead lighting option, consider adding a ceiling fan with lighting – they can easily be found for under $100.  Two other options to consider, a dimmer and a remote, not much of an upgrade in cost, but oh-so convenient and any room can use a dimmer to ‘set the mood’.