Chandelier Style

Now that you know the basics for chandeliers, all bets are off when it comes to style.  Whimsical style can add a casual flair to an elegant chandelier.  Try thinking outside the junction box with chandeliers:

  • Master baths are no longer just master baths, but spa retreats.  Try two chandeliers in larger spa retreats – one over the tub and one over the vanity.  A single large chandelier in the center of the room will certainly add lighting, but not the drama that two smaller fixtures can.
  • Older chandeliers have more style and elegance in one arm than I have in my whole body.  They can be beat up, rusted up and broken (kind of like my body, in fact) and I still love them.  For more run of the mill chandeliers – they can be painted, adorned, rewired and decorated to your heart’s content.
  • Antique chandeliers weren’t always wired for electricity – candle chandeliers are stunning – just don’t burn the house down.  Take them to the great outdoors as well, on the deck for a little cookout ambiance.
  • Kitchen chandeliers can go from elegant to funky to functional.  Try a chandelier that incorporates a pot rack over a large kitchen island, or add an oval chandelier to make a smaller space look a little larger.
  • Accessorize your chandelier – use shades, beads or other garland to perk up a tired chandelier.
  • Use a fabric cover to hide chandelier chains or cords.  You can make them yourself easily using a complementary fabric, or purchase them already made.  Use covers with hidden Velcro to attach around the chain so you don’t need to take the chandelier down to dress it up.
  • If your rustic or casual décor doesn’t need elegance – a chandelier will still fit the bill just fine.  Using everything from wrought iron to deer antlers, there’s a fixture to fit your style.
  • For larger dining rooms, consider two chandeliers over the table to emphasize the grand scale of the room.
  • Bring the lights down low – if you have a dramatic two-story entry way, don’t have your gorgeous chandelier too high to be noticed – bring it down, down, down – hanging chandeliers too high is as common as hanging artwork above eye level.
  • Chandeliers aren’t just for Old World elegance – you should see the range of mid-century modern chandeliers available for more contemporary rooms – way cool.