Listed below are the Color Scheme Guides created by Decorator Secrets for you.  There are a total of eighteen different Color Schemes in a combination of contemporary, transitional and traditional styles.  The first two colors listed in the description are the key colors in the scheme; the other colors are part of the scheme, but not as dominant.  Every attempt has been made to have a variety of colors and styles that are popular in the country today.  Each color guide represents choices for approximately 6-8 rooms.  You should find several schemes that you will like. Each color guide is eleven inches by seventeen inches in size on heavy card stock.  The fabrics and wallpapers have been reproduced in a manner appropriate for mass sales.  Due to the volume of orders, it is impossible to use the actual fabric and wallpaper on every color guide sold.  However, we make the actual fabric and wallpaper sample available to you by request.  We are displaying four of the color guides so you will have a better understanding of what they are, but do not show them all for two reasons.  First, the various computers and monitors used in homes do not do justice to the color guide.  They distort and discolor the product.  Secondly, the color guides represent months of design time, skill and labor to create, thus they are the intellectual and creative property of Decorator Secrets until purchased by the customer.   We provide an adequate written description of the color scheme and style below for your review.  Don’t forget you always have the opportunity the have them all for your library, with the Super Package.

Color Scheme Guide - H

Color Scheme Guide Example

All color guides are 11" X 17"

A – Sage green / Rose / Pink / Beige – Transitional

B – Terra Cotta / Sage green / Purple – Transitional - See it Here

C – Moss Green / Rust / Camel – Transitional

D – Yellow / Green / Rose / Blue / Peach (equal multi-color) – Transitional - See it Here

E – Burgundy / Taupe / Sage Green – Traditional

F – Blue / Yellow – Traditional

G – Aqua / Rose / Peach – Contemporary

H – Periwinkle Blue / Beige / White – Contemporary - See it Here

I – Cobalt Blue / Lime Green – Contemporary

J – Hunter Green / Burgundy / Blue (Jewel Tones) – Transitional

K – Purple / Sage Green / Beige – Transitional

L – Dark Blue / Paprika / Sage green / Gold – Traditional

M – Aqua / Terra Cotta / Gold –Contemporary

N – Seafoam green / Raspberry / Yellow / Lavender – Transitional

O – Black / Aqua / Peach / Paprika / Gold – Transitional

P – Red / Yellow / Blue (Primary colors) – Transitional

Q – Teal / Paprika / Beige / Gold – Transitional

R – Green / Yellow gold / Blue – Transitional - Shown on - See it Here

These color scheme guides may be purchased individually, however the best deal is to order the kit or super package.

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