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The color scheme guide is meant to be a teaching tool, and representation of the fabrics and wallpapers shown.  The purpose is to visually show you how Decorators create a style and color scheme, so you may learn what you like best, and gain decorating confidence. 

Every attempt has been made to choose current fabrics and wallpapers, although it is common in decorating to experience backorders and discontinued products.  Decorator Secrets does not guarantee the availability of the samples shown on the color guides, or the performance of any of the products you may choose to use in your home. 

The colors shown on the guides are very accurate, but are not always exact, and have been reduced in size for production purposes. 



  • Beige/Neutral

  • Soft to Wedgwood Blue

  • Medium to rich Green

  • Yellow/gold- seldom used, but can be stunning



Colors suggested could be for main areas or additional rooms.  The suggestions are a starting point only, and would vary according to your flooring choices!  Never paint without testing first!  Read the Chapter in the Workbook “Walls…Trim…Molding” before attempting a final paint choice.

  • Sherwin Williams-1123 Navajo White (off white-beige tint)

  • Sherwin Williams-1375 Waxen (warm white-yellow tint)

  • Sherwin Williams-1522 Starlight (pale blue)

  • Sherwin Williams-1388 Shimmer (warm beige-gold tint)

  • Sherwin Williams-1389 Paper Moon (off white-gold tint)

  • Behr (Home Depot)-RAH-82 New Navy (rich deep blue)

  • Behr (Home Depot)-RAH-66 Pine (midtone rich green)


Note:  The Yellow gold in the flower and the green in the leafs of pattern # 1 did not reproduce as accurate as most colors.  The truer shade is more comparable to the yellow gold’s and greens in the other fabrics and papers shown.  If you are interested in this fabric, please be sure to request an actual sample from Affordable Elegance.


  1. Robert Allen Fabrics – Rosa – Aegean – 54” wide X 23” repeat

  2. Fabricut Fabrics – Roth –Malibu – 54” wide 

  3. Kravet Fabrics – 13874 –#540 –54” wide X 18” repeat

  4. Duralee Fabrics – U40962 – 66 Yellow –54”wide X 27” repeat

  5. Seabrook W.P. –JD1040

  6.  Seabrook W.P. – SF30354B

  7. Fabricut Fabrics – Soprano – Blue Jay- 54”wide X 26”repeat

  8. Olney W.P. – NI0605F (fabric)

  9. Olney W.P. – NI0775

  10. Olney W.P. – NI0597B

  11. Stout Fabrics – Cilantro – 2 Cornflower – 54”wide X 7”repeat

  12. Kravet Fabrics – Briggs – #40 – 54”wide X 14”repeat

  13. Sunworthy W.P. – 168904

  14. Kravet Fabrics – Dixon – #54- 54”wide X 9”repeat

  15. Blonder W.P. – BF3503-1

  16. Blonder W.P. – BF3412-3

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