Going Country in the Family Room

Country decorating is a look into the simpler life, where family, friends and home are top priority, so what better room is there for country décor than the family room?  The country look is pure simplicity using natural colors and textures embodying the culture of country living.  How do you get the look without giving up modern convenience?  Well, you don’t necessarily have to start using the outhouse, but you do need to start thinking like country folk.


Think of what you would find in a sweet, old farmhouse.  You’re sure not going to find a matching three piece sofa, loveseat and easy chair.  Avoid the matching pieces, it will make the room look overdone, opt for complementary pieces that have a common theme, either in color, finish or style.

Think of what makes sense in a country home, a comfortable, simple couch with a pattern that hides soiling from the dust of the farm.  Prints and plaids work perfectly in a country style family room.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match upholstery.

Old wood furniture is perfect for country style decorating, a coat of paint will give it new life in your room.  Just make sure you’re not ruining a valuable family heirloom by painting it!


Of course, hardwood floors are perfect in country decorating, particularly salvaged barn wood floors.  Use area rugs such as braided and rag rugs to soften the texture and create intimate seating groups.  If you have wall-to-wall carpet, use area rugs to get the look, it’s perfectly acceptable to use rugs over carpet.

Modern Conveniences

Large televisions and Sony playstations don’t exactly mesh with the country style family room, so make sure you have a good, rustic looking entertainment center to hide them.  An antique armoire is perfect, find one at an auction that has a flawed finish.  You’ll end up getting it cheap because no one else will want it.  Paint it or distress it and add shelves for your electronics to keep them hidden.  Since they’re hidden, why not keep them turned off for one evening each week and have a family game night?


For accessories, less is more, country is about pared down style. If you have a collection of items group them all together to make a statement.  Natural finishes such as wood bowls with a worn, warm patina filled with colored vintage marbles or a collection of antique creamware plates hung on the wall look adorable in a country family room.

Country is charming, pure, simple and natural.  There’s no need for fuss in a country family room, just get back to basics.