Charming Slipcovered Couches

One thing that’s typically lacking in the family room is personality and charm.  Those aspects tend to be overlooked when dealing with task oriented rooms for the family.  If you’re like me, you’re too busy trying to figure out where to put the television set and how to arrange seating to get to the personality of the room.

Try adding some personality to the room with slipcovered couches, without sacrificing comfort and durability.

Slipcovers are a good choice for couches as they can be switched out to accommodate seasonal changes, décor changes and soiling.  They aren’t the most budget friendly redecorating though.  Here are your options for slipcovers:

Ready Made

Ready made slipcovers are the most cost effective way to cover a couch, but they don’t look the best.  They run $50 - $100 and tend to look like a blanket draped over the couch.  While they’re acceptable temporary coverings to protect furniture, they’re not the best looking choice.

Custom Made

Custom slipcovers can cost as much as a new couch - $350 and up for full sized couches.  There are online companies that you can send your measurements to and choose a fabric, but you’re going to pay for the customization.

Semi-custom Made

Semi-custom slipcovers are more expensive than ready-made styles, usually ranging from $200-$500 for a basic sofa cover with separate cushions, but they are the ideal solution if you want to avoid constant tucking and straightening or if you have hard-to-fit furniture.

Ikea Slipcovers 

The best looking and most budget friendly option we’ve found in slipcovers is to purchase an Ikea couch that offers a variety of slipcovers.  The Ektorp couch costs approximately $500 and includes one slipcover – additional slipcovers cost approximately $100 and give a custom fitted look.  Slipcovers can be removed and cleaned or switched out for different looks. 

For a more modern look, Ikea offers the Klippan line with a metal-legged couch costing only $200 and offering various slipcovers in the $50 - $100 range – they give a clean, modern look, but they’re not the softest, most comfortable couch you can find, but you can’t beat the cost.

Pottery Barn Slipcovers

Expect to pay a little more for a versatile couch from Pottery Barn.  They have an attractive line of couches in the $900 range and custom fitted slipcovers in the $200 range.  This is a bit more of an investment than Ikea, but with the slipcovers, expect the couch to last much longer and it can slip into any redecorating project with a new slipcover.

Consider a slipcovered couch to add a charm and versatility to your family room, it will certainly make any redecorating project much more budget friendly in the long run.