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Jamie was inspired to create this system after 20 plus years of working with clients helping them with their decorating dilemmas and interior design needs. Culminating the years of questions, situations, problems, needs, desires and dreams resulted in this system.  This kit of real decorating tools, consist of 3-color scheme guides of your choice, the workbook “Secrets to a Beautiful Home,” and 3 free gifts.  This affordable package will save you from making poor choices and costly mistakes.  Additionally, it will help you with creative ideas for your budget and the options available to guarantee a beautifully decorated home or room.  Click here for complete information & price.

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If you could imagine hiring a professional decorator to create and assemble for you 18 Color Scheme/Style Guides, it would cost you thousands of dollars.  The Super Package includes all 18 Color Scheme Guides, the workbook “Secrets to a Beautiful Home,” and 3 Free Gifts. The Super Package will give you an unlimited array of color scheme choices resulting in the most powerful decorating tool on the market today.  The ability to suit your taste and style will be limitless!!  Your family will have unlimited visual choices to select from.  The flexibility that having all of the Color Scheme Guides provides you is inconceivable.  The unlimited selections will give you the guaranteed confidence in yourself that the color selections reflect your tastes and style before you make any purchases.  Click here for complete information and price.

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Decorator Secrets created the Color Scheme Guides for you; they provide an instant visual opportunity to see design concepts and colors.  They provide the inspiration and knowledge you will need to coordinate your decorating colors and choices.  There are a total of eighteen different Color Schemes in a combination of contemporary, transitional and traditional styles.  Each color guide is eleven inches by seventeen inches in size on heavy card stock.  The fabrics and wallpapers have been reproduced in a manner appropriate for mass sales and the actual samples are available upon request.  Every attempt has been made to have a variety of colors and styles that are popular in the country today.  Each color guide represents choices for approximately 6-8 rooms.  You should find several schemes that you will like.  Don’t forget you always have the opportunity the have them all for your library, with the Super Package.  Click here to see Color Schemes Offered and price. 

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This workbook has been written and designed to be a practical, useful tool to help you achieve your decorating dreams.

Through many years of working with clients on projects, I have learned what the customer really wants to know from a professional decorator.  This workbook and kit is my way of transferring this information, so you will be empowered to decorate your own home with confidence and pride.

My opinion is that there are eight separate parts in every home design project that make up a well-decorated room.  If any one of the parts is missing from the decorating scheme, the room will feel incomplete.  This workbook covers these components building them upon each other.  I have tried to be thorough and practical while providing the information you need to complete your design project.  Most questions that arise during the decorating process are addressed in these chapters. 

You will find a chapter devoted to “How to get Started,” a chapter of Decorator Tips and a Glossary, along with the eight subject chapters.  I have purposefully provided space on each page for notes, thoughts and ideas you may want to jot down as you read through the workbook. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this workbook and gain a wealth of knowledge and confidence in your decorating skills.  This workbook can be purchased separately, click here for pricing and ordering information.

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Along with your Decorator Secrets System Kit, you might consider adding some highly rated books on interior decorating and related subjects.   There are hundreds of books available on interior decorating and design; we have done the searching for you on our Helpful Books page.

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We have tried to make ordering as easy and fast as possible. The best way to order is through “snail” mail. All you have to do is write your name and address and the word “Decorator Secrets System” on a piece of paper, and send it along with your payment plus shipping & handling to Decorator Secrets, 204 37th Avenue North, #175, St. Petersburg, Fl., 33704.