10 Ways to Use Extra Fabric

We all have scraps of fabric, whether it be old clothes we no longer wear or leftover odds and ends of fabric from decorating projects.  Put those fabric scraps to good use with these ideas to use your leftover and excess fabric.

Drawer Liners

Paper drawer liners are expensive, costing over $1 per sheet for decorative liners.  Cut larger fabric scraps into drawer size rectangles.  Iron with heavy starch and you can dab a bit of Modge Podge on the edges to keep them from fraying or unraveling if you’d like.  If you’re looking for scented liners, they’re just a spritz of perfume away!


If you have any extra lidded boxes laying around, put them to good use.  Cover them with your fabric to make decorative closet storage.  You’re going to pay $10 and up to purchase them, even in the discount stores.  Try customizing your own with fabric for next to nothing!

Custom Office Accessories

If you’ve ever tried to find feminine looking desk accessories, you know the offerings are slim, and the few that are available are expensive.  Use your fabric scraps to customize desk accessories.  Cover the ends of your desk blotter/calendar holder, wrap up your pencil cup or even cover folders for stylish paper storage.

Bathroom Accessories

You know how expensive those matching sets of bathroom accessories can be, and they don’t have much personality.  Introduce a few fabric covered pieces for a warmer, more personable look.  Perhaps a holder for extra toilet paper or a fabric covered Kleenex box?


Put some special potpourri on a a square of fabric and simply tie it up with a ribbon.  For more elaborate sachets, for a special gift, use lace and ribbon to spruce them up.


If you don’t sew or quilt, consider offering them to a local quilting or sewing club, or even get a bunch together to sell on Ebay!


Throw pillows are one of the more basic sewing projects you can attempt.  If you can’t thread a needle, there are plenty of no-sew helpers, such as iron on tape, to help you muddle through a basic pillow project.


For larger items, such as old sheets, blankets or towels, please consider running them through the wash then donating to your local animal shelter.  They are always in need of these items, and most shelters are horribly underfunded.  If you don’t have a shelter nearby, your vet may appreciate them as well.

Wrapping Paper

Wrap up that special present with your excess fabric.  It will be the best looking and most personal gift.


Those little placemats for the dog bowl can cost up to $10.  Use one of your fabric scraps and some iron on tape to make Fido (or Kitty) a stylish placemat.

With a little creativity, you can put those fabrics to good use, and save on your decorating budget as well!