Hot Fabric Trends

Fabrics are taking front and center stage in interior design for the 2009/2010 season, and with good reason.  The fabrics for this year are high impact and high quality, and they are dazzling!


The hot decorating trend for 2009 has been the use of metallics.  Accessories in particular are shining in living rooms and fabrics are mirroring the finish.  Rich metallic highlights with silver, gold, bronze or copper are being woven in fabrics to create surface interest.  Look for drapery fabric in particularly to shine with this trend.


Hot color tones are being paired with neutrals to calm them down to a more sophisticated level.  The color of the year, a sizzling yellow called Mimosa, according to the Pantone Institute, can be introduced easily with fabric, particularly as an accent color to offset more neutral decor. 

Purple has made a surprising comeback this year, both a light lavender and deeper, richer hues are back in vogue.  Find just the right purple to pair with a yellow, and you have instant impact.


Fabric is getting better every year as higher grades of fibers and yarns are being used.  Look for fabric blends that have improved texture, feel and durability, without compromising the design.


Of course, the big impact in the interior design world has been the use of environmentally friendly products, and the fabrics are no exception.  Look for organics to take front and center stage, particularly with wool, linen, cotton and hemp. 

Mix and Match

Gone are the matching fabrics used throughout the room, particularly with upholstery.  Mix and match are in, even within the same piece of furniture.  Look for couches to sport mixed up fabrics and furnishings to have complex mixing and matching of varying patterns.


Outdoor fabrics are becoming more attractive and oh-so usable to indoor décor.  Look for more outdoor fabrics to make an appearance in dens and children’s rooms as the textures become softer while retaining their durability.


Fabrics are showing themselves off by sporting intricate detailing.  Tufted buttons and pleats show off the quality interior design fabrics, particularly in drapery. 

Take advantage of the trends without them overwhelming the room.  Introduce them comfortably into your home through accessories, and stay true to your decorating style.