Carpet Tiles

Talk about an easy do it yourself flooring option – carpet tiles are as easy to install as an area rug.  There is virtually no installation, you throw them on the floor to make any pattern, shape or size that you need and use the ‘connector’ strips or dots to attach them to each other, rather than your floor.


The host of styles, patterns and colors available make them a super flooring choice for any room, indoor and out.  Originally offered with a more contemporary look, carpet tiles have expanded their offerings to more traditional styles as well.  Patterns, colors and styles can be mixed and matched for impact or use one style for a seamless carpet look.

As for pricing, they are similar to the price of wall-to-wall carpet in square foot pricing, anywhere from $3 - $9 a square foot.  Most tiles are from Flor, a Chicago based company with an extensive online inventory, flooring planner and rug designer, they measure approximately 20 inches square. 

But considering there is no installation cost, this may be a budget option for you to consider.  One drawback of wall to wall carpet has been the investment you make can go with you when you move.  Carpet tiles solve this problem easily, you can take them with you if you move, as they stick to each other, rather than your floor.

The beauty of carpet tiles is the ability to replace individual tiles rather than an entire room of wall to wall carpet.  One grape juice mishap wont cost you an whole room of carpet, just order a few extra tiles to keep on hand for quick and easy replacements.


There not many drawbacks to this versatile flooring option, but just some things to remember if considering carpet tile as a flooring option:

  • Carpet tiles cannot be used over other rugs or carpet.  Don’t try it, it doesn’t work, they buckle and don’t lie properly.  
  • It’s recommended that carpet tiles not be used over floors with hand painted or vintage varnish finish, unfinished waxed floors, unsealed concrete floors – it can cause discoloration or staining to the floor surface.
  • If using the tiles as a wall to wall carpet installation, you may still need to cut to fit the dimensions of the room using a carpet knife.
  • If using carpet tiles as an area rug – you can have sun fade on your exposed flooring, while the area under the rug remains unfaded – leaving a difference in flooring coloring particularly noticeable in some hardwoods.

Carpet tiles are a quick and easy budget decoration option that may be just the portable flooring solution you need.