Surfboard Rugs

Fashion Underfoot

If you want your interior décor to stand out, nothing says inventive, creative, modern, and fun more than surfboard rugs! Surfboard rugs are the latest, trendiest, new-fangled way to add color and comfort to your interior and exterior home decorating scheme. So lay out the welcome mat for surfboard rugs in your bathroom, kids' rooms, salon, rooms with a nautical or tropical theme, beach house, cottage, or by the poolside.

Every day can be a beach day with sensational surfboard rugs! If way want to ride the wave of the future in interior design, you won't want to miss this boat! Modish surfboard rugs are poised to be some of the edgiest, hottest, coolest items in the floor-covering business. Uniquely designed and crafted using cutting-edge technology, surfboard rugs come in a variety of rainbow colors and sizes that are sure to catch the eye and tickle-pink any feet they meet.

Even if you've never surfed before, you can take a walk on the wild side with surfboard-shaped rugs. And have no fear - you can't slip or take a dive off of a surfboard rug. Surfboard rugs are sturdily designed to keep you, your family, friends, and guests on solid ground far into the future!

The Bare Facts

In fact, if you are worried about sacrificing quality for quirky, you can rest assured that surfboard rugs meet the highest quality industry standards in the carpeting business. These mats or tufted rugs are made from solution-dyed nylon by a chemical process that guarantees colorful graphics in high-point definition that don't wash out, wear out, or fade out.

To make sure you don't slide off your rug, surfboard rugs come with durable vinyl or rubber backings. And if your surfboard rug gets soiled, splashed, or spilled on, you can breathe easy because surfboard rugs are machine-washable and can be spot-cleaned in a breeze.

Riding the Wave of the Future

If you can't locate surfboard rugs, try looking for them under the names "accent rugs," "designer rugs," "area rugs," "contemporary rugs," or "new wave" rugs. They may also fall under the category of "theme" carpets and rugs. In fact, surfboard rugs are a great addition to any décor them that has to do with the beach, bungalow, fun in the sun, the ocean, dolphins, Hawaiian, tropical flowers, island paradise, and more.

When it comes to rug shapes, think outside of the box of square and rectangular rugs. Allow your toes to sink into the plush comfort of round surfboard rugs, long and short surfboard rugs, as well as their boogie board counterparts. And nothing adds a splash of vibrant color to a room like the bright hues of these unique rugs. Choose from a sea of color including aqua, marine, or cobalt blue, submarine yellow, tangerine orange, sea foam green, sandy lagoon, majestically mauve, perfectly purple, candy-cotton pink, sunset red, and many more.

Surfboard rugs make a great year-round gift, and if you can't locate these items in the stores, simply design and custom order a surfboard rug to your specifications.

You won't want to miss out on the class act of these performance-packed rugs, which will transform your floors from drool to cool, and from simple and plain to hip-hop and happening!