Budget Home Gym Equipment

If you’re dreaming of designing and decorating a dedicated home gym to lead a fit and healthy life, but stopped in your tracks by your budget, consider these options for purchasing inexpensive home gym equipment.


There are plenty of people who’ve had to give up on their fitness goals for one reason or another.  Lack of motivation, pregnancy, time constraints and health reasons are just a few of the reasons people sell their exercise equipment.  Their loss can be your gain – and hopefully your eventual weight loss and health gain!

Check the following for used home gym equipment:

Classified Advertisements
Local newspapers are a good place to start when looking for used gym equipment, particularly since you’ll be able to view and try out the equipment before you purchase.  Craig’s List has become a popular shopping spot for local advertising, but beware of businesses and scammers posing as private parties interested in selling equipment.

Ebay and Online Auctions
If shopping online for used equipment, you can always try Ebay or a similar site.  Be aware that you may not be able to try out equipment before purchasing.  You can search Ebay to find only equipment being offered within a certain mileage range of your zip code.  This will be your best bet, as shipping will be costly for larger items.

Refurbished Equipment

Manufacturers will often refurbish returned or traded in equipment and offer it for resale.  Also, many gyms lease their equipment, and their returned products could very well get you professional gym equipment at a bargain price.

If considering refurbished equipment, make sure it has a warranty, and find out exactly what was done in the refurbishing process.  Often, the terms refurbished, remanufactured or reconditioned are used interchangeably, and there are no clear standards for what you’re getting.  Make sure if you’re considering this option, you find out exactly what the company did before selling the product.  Did they just touch up the pain or clean and overhaul the motors?

There are companies who specialize in remanufacturing gym equipment, those who offer quality equipment will:

  • Strip the unit to the frame and sand off any rust and repaint;
  • Replace any worn parts such a grips or rollers;
  • Run diagnostics on the equipment; and
  • Test, repair or replace electronics.

Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable remanufacturer, they will stand by their product with a solid warranty.

Buying used or refurbished home gym equipment may just remove that last barrier – your budget – to the home gym you’ve always wanted.