Fun Fitness Accessories

Your home gym doesn’t have to be all work and no play, it makes a dull room.  Add some fun fitness accessories to your dedicated home gym to add some spice to your workout, and bring in some family members for fitness fun.


The hottest fitness accessory in the past year has been Nintendo’s Wii (pronounced wee) Fit.  A good addition to the gaming system, the Fit experience has gone one step further with its latest release.  Users can now set their own customized workout routines or choose 20 to 40 minute workouts.  You can also focus the workout on your personal fitness goals and target problem areas. 

New activities have been added to take fitness fun to a new level.  The Wii Fit may make your dedicated home gym the most popular room in the house!


If you have issues with your joints, or a bad back, a trampoline can be a welcome relief for a dedicated home gym to soothe those aching body parts.  Put a spring in your step and less stress on your body with a trampoline – there are plenty of workout videos on the market to show you proper and safe techniques and how to make the most of this fitness accessory.  Just make sure any children in the home do not have unsupervised access to this, it would be an accident waiting to happen.

Stability Ball

One of the hottest trends in exercise classes has been a stability ball.  An inexpensive fitness accessory, stability balls are large rubber balls in various sizes that are used to develop strength, flexibility, and balance.  A good stability ball workout video will show you proper usage techniques.  Not only are they good for your workout, they come in bright, fun colors and will add a little color to the room!

Floor Mats

A few padded mats in your home gym are necessary for a stretching area.  Setting aside a small area dedicated to stretching will hopefully remind you how necessary this step is in your fitness routine.  Believe me, as you get older, it becomes even more of an important step.  The floor mats can also double as yoga mats, so they can pull double duty in your home gym equipment.

Are you sensing the trend here?  A television with DVR capabilities is going to be the best accessory you can have in your dedicated home gym – it can entertain, motivate and teach, while keeping you on track to your fitness goals.