Yoga in the Home Gym

While some fitness buffs scoff at yoga, more and more people are turning to the mind and body experience to meet their fitness and health goals.  Adding an area for yoga in your home gym, or to any area of the home, is just a few, inexpensive steps away.


The most common and necessary accessory for a yoga workout is a good mat. Yoga mats keep you from slipping and also provide padding for parts of the body that will be on the floor. Some mats are made to be thicker and provide extra cushioning while others are simply to prevent you from sliding.  I prefer a large, thick matted area to keep my entire body on the mat and properly cushioned, but some do prefer a firmer mat for yoga.


Loose, breathable clothing is needed for a yoga workout.  Watch out for an extremely loose shirt though, some of those yoga positions can end up showing quite a bit if your shirt is too loose.  At least you don’t need to buy an expensive workout shoes, most people do yoga in bare or feet or just a pair of socks.

Yoga Straps

Straps are a yoga accessory that are an essential aid in some yoga poses and for beginners. A strap can help you hold a pose longer by allowing you to hook a hand or foot with ease.


Bolsters and breathing pillows are used as yoga accessories to facilitate meditation and breathing postures. While lying on your back, you place bolsters underneath your spine, which makes the breathing practice easier. This yoga accessory can also be placed under the knees to ease the lower back in relaxation poses.


If you’re just starting yoga, try a local class first.  For beginners it's best to have an instructor show you proper positions.  When you get the basics, and care to advance your workout in your home gym, invest in a good yoga video until you reach a comfort level on your own.

Home gyms don’t have to be all cardio and weight training.  Consider adding an area where you can engage in a mind and body experience with yoga – soft lighting and music are an excellent addition to this setting.