6 Home Gym Updates to Keep you Motivated

Decorating and planning home gyms is one of the easier tasks for starting a fitness routine, actually sticking with it is the most difficult part of exercise.  If you’ve already designed and decorated your home gym, but are having trouble getting motivated, try these tips to make it more user-friendly and motivating…

  • Add mirrors – there’s nothing like a little jiggle or wiggle when you watch yourself exercise to motivate you for that last mile on the treadmill.  Add a mirrored wall to keep you on track, it will also open up the room and make it look larger and brighter.
  • Add a stereo system – try listening to Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” turned up nice and loud and see if you don’t feel like singing along and getting your heart rate right up there in Cardio range.  It makes the time go faster as well.
  • Add a television – try watching the news while you’re working out, guaranteed to make you so mad at some of the nonsense going on, your heart rate will be up and you may need a good old fashioned punching bag to work off some of the frustration!
  • Add a photograph of yourself when you were younger and maybe a little leaner than you are now, it will make your fitness goals seem not quite so far out of reach.
  • Add a mural to add interest to the room, particularly if your home gym is located in the basement.  There are plenty of new, modern, already-painted murals that are ready to go right on the wall to lighten and brighten your home gym.
  • Add a friend!  There’s nothing like a friend to add some fun and motivation to your workout.  See if one of your friends or neighbors would like to start a workout program with you – tell her you won’t even charge a monthly fee for using your home gym!
  • Add a trainer!  Yes, a real live personal trainer, I know it’s expensive, but having a trainer come in once a month to help you with your routine could be just the motivation you need to keep your exercise routine current and challenging.  If you added a friend in the step above, make her pay for half the cost!

Just like you need to update your home décor, you’ll need to update and freshen your home gym and fitness routine to keep yourself motivated.