Contemporary Living Room Style

Tired of clutter and tripping over furniture?  Looking for a calm respite from your chaotic day?  Try a contemporary living room décor, it’s a whole world apart from the cluttered cottage style, but that may not be a bad thing.


Use a neutral color palette, white isn’t required – but a black and white decorating scheme is perfect for a contemporary living room.  You can warm up the walls with a deeper beige and carry it through to different shades throughout the room – which is called a monochromatic palette. 

To liven up the place, contemporary design features minimal use of bright, bold colors.


Flooring is usually bare in contemporary décor, but warmed up with area rugs.  Hardwood, a wood laminate and even tile are used.  Area rugs soften the floor and the noise level while adding texture and color.


Leather sofas and chairs tend are often used as seating in contemporary living rooms.  Don’t overlook upholstery if that’s your preference.  Neutral fabrics with minimal or small patterns do just fine.  If you’re redecorating your living room on a budget, Ikea is famous for their inexpensive, contemporary furniture.  Another budget option is mid-century modern furniture from the 1950’s and 1960’s available in the secondhand market.

Tables and accent furniture usually feature glass surfaces and clean lines with stainless or wrought iron.  Watch the table corners though if you have children, they tend to have sharp corners.

Accent Pieces

Here’s where the fun can start with your contemporary décor.  You can use the accessories to bring in your bold accent color and streamline the look through the room.  Accent pillows with a bold, bright pattern are perfect.  Use the color in vases and perhaps a splash in a window treatment as well.

Remember, with contemporary rooms, clutter is out, style is in, so keep accessories to a minimum.  Again, mid-century modern pieces are a budget option with the accessories.  My particular favorites are 1960’s Italian art glass.  Perhaps with a splash of your throw pillow color?

Window Treatments

Go for neutral and natural in contemporary décor.  A coordinating color to your walls in linen gives a crisp look and is about as lush as you want to go.  Roman shades work well in contemporary décor and add texture to the room if done in bamboo, linen or cotton in neutral colors.  A good budget alternative is woven wood and bamboo shades from Pier 1 or Target.

With a contemporary living room, you don’t sacrifice comfort and livability for style.  It’s a no muss nor fuss look for the living room you just might be able to live comfortably with.