4 Weekend Projects for a Living Room Makeover

No time and no money for a complete overhaul of your living room?  Take a weekend to give fresh life to your living space without breaking the budget, in fact - all four projects together will cost under $100. 

Paint It

Freshen up your color – when was the last time you painted in here anyway?  Try one of the hot colors for this year – use a yellow for smaller rooms to open up the room, for larger rooms, try the cool moss green that’s all the rage.  If you’re cottage or country living room needs a new look for the season – try lavender, it’s no longer for little old ladies.

Clean It

I know, redecorating is more fun than cleaning.  But you can redecorate after you clean and not spend a penny.  Clear out your accessories from the room.  Give is a good Spring cleaning.  Dust, vacuum and wash window.  Make your family help, consider it quality time. 

Rearrange It

Rearrange the furniture.  Get it away from the walls.  I know you think it makes the room look bigger to have your couch against the wall, but it doesn’t.  Now’s the time to create a focal point and a furniture grouping to create a more sociable environment.  Try L shaped or U shaped seating groupings, take the couch out of the corner and angle it diagonally from the wall.  It draws the eye across the corner and can actually make the room look bigger.  Don’t try it in every corner, or it will box in the room.

Reaccessorize It

Take the clutter out, put the accessories in.  Remove everything but the furniture – you may want to leave it out for a day or two and you’ll realize how much bigger and cleaner the room looks without it.  Have two boxes and a trash bag ready, willing and able when you start to accessorize the room.  One box is for items to keep – they can either be used in another room, or are just too sentimental to toss.  The other box is for a yard sale or consignment shop – use it wisely and often. 

If you haven’t looked at it or used it in over six months and it has some value, it goes in that box.  If you haven’t used it or looked at it in six months and it’s broken, chipped or useless – toss it. Use the appropriate accessories to create groupings within the room.  Don’t cover each and every surface. Less is more.

So, try a productive project this weekend, weekend redecorating can be as satisfying as hitting the latest sale at Sak’s – and less expensive!