Sophisticated Living Rooms

Does your living room scream small town, country bumpkin?  Well, that’s not a bad thing, unless you’re going for sleek sophistication in your living room décor.  How do you get your living room to take on that sophisticated air that you usually find in magazines?


Trade in those overstuffed upholstered pieces for sleek, streamlined furnishings.  Couches in particular will often become a focal point, so it’s important to invest in a couch with clean lines and upholstery that’s not fussy. 

Tables and other furnishings should be quality with bold lines – not necessarily straight lines, as the curves can be as bold as the furnishings.


Sophisticated colors tend to be rich and deep.  That doesn’t have they have to be dark, but suffice it to say, pastels don’t always fit the bill – although I have seen it work in a few instances.  Choose a deep chocolate, navy blue, rich warm, rich rusts paired with a comfortable wheat color.  Of course, for a more calming effect, try a monochromatic color scheme, different shades of one color for a modern look.  Gray, the hottest neutral around right now, is perfect for modern sophistication.


Choose striking fabrics in stylized florals or modern geometrics for impact.  For a casual sophistication, dupioni silks work well for window treatments.  Fabrics are important in a sophisticated setting, as no detail she be overlooked in decorating in a sophisticated style.


Since details can’t be overlooked in this setting, choose accessories carefully.  Too many will make the room look overdone and too few will result in a stark looking, cold room.  Choose sleek accessories and group for impact.  Groupings of three work best in this setting.  Try some accessories in the hot metallic finishes that are so popular this year if you're updating your living room on a tight budget.


Dark hardwood floors look oh-so contemporary and sophisticated.  Throw in a bold area rug to create intimate conversation groups and you hit a ten on the style meter.  Using a rug with a hot accent color in geometrics will take you to an urban chic level, and you can’t get much hotter than that!

Sophisticated style is sleek, streamlined and modern.  To keep it from being a more stark contemporary style, you can add some warm colors, varying textures and accessories to take it to the level of sophistication you’re seeking.