Minimalist Living Rooms

Life is hectic and we crave sanctuary – from work, from kids and from life.  If you’re looking for a living room that exudes the peace and calm you're craving, minimalist is the ticket.  Not only are the colors soothing, but there’s no clutter nor excess in the room.

Now, upon first glance, minimalist living room decorating may not seem to have much going on design wise.  But take a closer look, there’s much more under the surface.

Distinguished by the use of just a few neutral colors and well chosen furniture and accessory pieces, minimalist interior design is often prized for its clean, uncluttered appearance.  Detractors of the style consider it too stark for their taste, and out of the realm of possibilities for any family with children and/or pets.


Furniture in a minimalist living room tends to have more quality pieces than quantity of pieces.  High design furniture looks right at home showcased in a minimalist room.   How could anyone afford to furnish a minimalist living room on a budget?  Mid-century modern – furniture from the 1950’s and 1960’s tends to have minimalistic characteristics such as clean lines.  Upholstered pieces may have sixties-style fabrics, but they can be reupholstered.

The higher end pieces of mid-century modern are designer pieces prized by collectors, but there are still reasonably priced handsome pieces available.  Since the style is so distinctive, it tends to be overlooked by many general line antique dealers.
Check for auctions in your area featuring 20th Century design to locate pieces at wholesale prices for furniture for a minimalist room.


Or lack thereof, we should say.  Colors are neutral and color schemes are usually monochromatic, meaning different shades and tints on the same color.  Many minimalist interiors stray from the palette and add a dash of a bright or dramatic color.  White is the classic minimalist color.


Accessories for a minimalist interior, like the furniture, are quality, neutral pieces and are few and far between.  Clutter is abolished in a minimalist room and accessories are sparse.  High design glass and pottery pieces reign supreme with subtle accent lighting.

If you love the minimalist look, but can’t see yourself living with it.  Consider a more contemporary, modern décor rather than the true minimalist style.  You can find the best of both worlds with a contemporary or modern living room.