Creative Curtain Rods

There’s no excuse for the price of a simple curtain rod – we can’t seem to figure out why something so basic can cost so much.  Many rods can run $30 or more, making drapes an expensive window treatment.   Brackets to hold curtain rods can be purchased separately, and inexpensively for under $10, so save a bundle on a curtain rods and try these money saving, stylish alternatives:

Branch Out Options

For casual décor, find a tree limb that’s fairly straight and spray paint it any color to add a fun, funky look to curtain rods.  A glossy white spray paint on a branch with tab top panels is a charming look.

Garden Décor

Use a pair of garden tools for fun finials.  PVC piping is inexpensive and available at any hardware store.  Find a piece that slips right over the handles of the tools.  Use panels that cover the PVC , which you can paint to match the curtains if you’d like.  A cool, Spring look for a sunroom or planting shed.


With Asian influences making an appearance in interior design this year, bamboo is a natural look that fits the bill of eco-friendly options as well.  Bamboo is inexpensive and oh-so useable as a curtain rod for under $5 per piece.  Sheers and more delicate panels look particularly nice with bamboo rods.

Dowel Rods

For heavier window treatments, simple dowel rods with a quick coat of paint will do the trick.  Dowel rods are available for under $10 at home improvement stores, and can be cut to fit your needs.  For an even cheaper option, handles to old rakes or shovels can be cleaned up and cut down.   Add a coordinating color in a glossy paint to take it from hardware to homeware.

Shower Curtain Rods

Not just for shower curtains, but at just a few dollars each, can make the transition from shower to showy in the window.  They come in adjustable sizes and several colors, and for a real designer look, cover in fabric to either coordinate or accent your fabric window treatments.

Canes and Walking Sticks

There are plenty of vintage canes available at antique stores and garage sales.  Many of the wood examples have a nice warm patina that can slip right into casual décor.  For more formal settings, elegant walking sticks with fancy handles may  not be the most inexpensive option, but sure will add style to the room.

Take a walk through your home and keep an eye out for any straight, or sort of straight, options that can be repurposed for a curtain rod.