Window Treatments for Children's Rooms

Choosing window treatments for children’s bedrooms and nurseries needs to not only tie together decorating schemes and provide light control, but safety needs to also be considered.  Another issue is the changing décor as your child grows up.  While Disney themes may be a toddler’s first choice, you can bet when they reach their tweens, they would be mortified by the Little Mermaid panels.


Think of safety issues first when planning to decorate your children's bedrooms or a nursery.  For window treatments:

  • Long curtains should be avoided, they’re too easy to grab and pull down by toddler’s learning to walk.
  • Cords need to be kept up and well out of reach.  If cords are used at all, they should be short and much higher than a child can reach.  Newer blinds have breakaway cords that come off if pulled to hard, keep an eye out for them when buying blinds. 
  • Avoid beads and trim on treatments that can come off and be swallowed.
  • Make sure a crib or bed is out of reach of treatments that can be pulled.  Not only are the cord potential strangulation dangers, but pulling panels can bring a heavy rod crashing down as well.

Light Control

While you want the room to bright and cheerful, you need to be able to control the light for naptime and early bed times.  A blackout shade or venetian blinds are a good choice, and they can be covered by more stylish treatments, such as short panels or fabric covered shades. 

In fact, a fabric covered shade, which comes in a do-it-yourself kit is a great choice for a window treatment in a child’s room, as it’s not expensive, can be customized and is easily replaced.  Consider using the fabric in other places in the room as well for a really professionally decorated look.


Instead of spending money on expensive window treatments for your nursery or children’s bedrooms, check out these budget decorating options and save your money for those college funds:

  • Wood blinds – they’re easy to clean, they can control light and a clean, contemporary look.
  • Shades – A fabric covered roller shade is a good option, as mentioned, but plain, blackout roller shades can also be decorated with cutouts or wall decals to create custom themed  shades. 
  • Venetian blinds – Blinds can be dressed up with valances or a cornice to hide hardware.  Just remember to keep the cord well out of reach.

Keep window treatments for children’s bedrooms and nurseries simple, inexpensive and most importantly – safe.