Budget No Sew Options

A good, custom window treatment professionally designed and made can easily run from $800 - $1400 – per window!  How can you get the look but not the cost when you can't thread a needle?


Vintage tablecloths are plentiful and inexpensive and no stitch tape can make them go from table to window without threading a needle.  Use them for café curtains, valances, panels or scarves.  For a more elegant upgrade, try lace tablecloths for sheers.


Once the budget option that screamed cheap, now a stylish solution that can repurpose bedding linens.  Sheets now come in some of the hottest prints you can find, and deserve to be shown off.  Best kept in the bedroom where they belong, there are a few shabby chic decors that can handle a soft print in the living room as well.  A ruffled hem brings a more finished look to the bottom.


For country décor, an old quilt can not only be a terrific topper, but a panel pulled to one side.  Antique quilts that have condition issues are called cutters, and are perfect scrap pieces and inexpensive enough to be repurposed for window treatments.

Shower Curtains

Fabric shower curtains can be inexpensive options for curtains.  Nobody has to know they belong in the bath and not the window.  We found some Martha Stewart options that would be perfect curtains and they were on sale for just under $20.  Larger curtains can run well over $100, so this may be a good choice for that sliding glass door that has been a problem spot.


If you’ve ever been to Baltimore, you may have seen the unique regional art of painted window screens.   Often used in the rowhouse homes that were close to the street, screens were painted not only for privacy, but to differentiate the similar rowhomes.

What makes painted  window screens unique as a window treatment is that the image disappears when looking out from the inside of the house, but from the exterior you get privacy and light.

Duvet Covers

No longer need that duvet cover?  Cut it up and use the fabric for a light, cheerful window treatment with stitching tape such as Stitch Witch to do hems.

With a little ingenuity and some Stitch Witch, you can come up with no sew budget options for your windows.