Glamorous Art Deco Theatre Theme for Under $1,600!

Home theatre equipment is expensive, so decorating your home theatre may be more of a budget project than you had planned.  Art Deco is the perfect complement to home theatre decorating, and can be an inexpensive option for furnishings.  To get the look for your home theatre for under $1,600, try the following options:


Home theatre seating is all about comfort, and Art Deco seating options abound for home theatres.  Period Deco seating can cost big, particularly original club chairs, they can easily cost thousands.  Consider reproduction deco theatre seating for a budget option.  We shopped around online and were able to find a set of four deco style recliners for just $950 total.  To have the seats motorized to recline to just the right position was an additional $400.

For a true theatre experience, movie theaters redecorate all the time, actual rows of movie theatre seats are available for as little as $30 each.


We were able to easily find a pair of Art Deco sconces on Ebay for under $100.  Have them on a dimmer for the perfect theater ambiance.  For the true ‘slip shade’ deco look, you may need to pay a little more, we were able to find a handsome pair for $120.

Popcorn Machine

What’s a movie without the popcorn?  Microwave and Jiffy Pop just doesn’t cut it at the theatre.  We found a classic Art Deco tabletop popcorn maker for just $280.  The base was an additional $170, but an easy DIY project would be to find any block base and paint it black for the same look.

Movie Posters

A lot of look for not much money, vintage and reproduction posters are readily available for under $12.  Frames in black complete the deco look for another $15 each.  Use a pair on one wall, get some old signed photos of the glamorous stars of the day, Dorothy Lamour, Clark Gable and Greta Garbo – many are still around.  Although the signatures may not be real, the look is, and it’s easy to find for under $10 each.  Add some black frames and group them together for impact.

Area Rug

Pull the whole look together with a snazzy dark area rug with geometric shapes.  We were able to find an 8 x 10 rug for just under $100 for our room.

Seating - $950
Sconces - $120
Popcorn Machine - $280
Posters and Photos - $100
Rug - $100
Total - $1,550

Art Deco home theatre furnishings and decor can easily run $5,000 and more, but with some savvy shopping, you can turn this into a true budget decorating project and get the look for a fraction of the cost.