5 Hot Budget Theatre Picks

While putting together a dedicated home theatre can be an expensive project, there are steps you can take to cut costs without sacrificing quality.  While equipment is the primary expense, we found a few budget hit picks for home theatre furnishings, decor and equipment that will give you some real bang for the buck.

Personalized Theatre Sign

Walmart.com offers a personalized home theater sign through their website for under $35.  It’s the perfect size to hang on your home theatre door or entrance and makes a cute addition to the more casual theater décor.  By the way, Walmart also offers some home theatre bundle packages for under $800 that include a 42” HDTV Plasma television, an RCA home theatre audio system with upconverting DVD player and the cables.  Not bad for those looking to outfit their theatre on a tight budget.

Bose® CineMate® Digital Home Theater Speaker System

Target offers a Bose speaker system for just under $500.   With two small, but powerful, speakers and an Acoustimass module, this user-friendly system may be just the upgrade you needed for your home theatre equipment.  The install is quick and easy, with just four connections to be made.

Show Time Leather Home Seating Sectional

Costco offers a four person leather ottoman specifically designed for home theatre use.  Although the leather is not the highest quality, it’s bonded, which is the lowest grade of leather, the price is right at just under $1,800.  Considering home theatre seating costs an average of $1,800 per seat, this is a hot budget buy.  Outfitted with two recliners at either end and an ottoman for propping up the feet for the middle seats, there are also cup-holders and hidden compartments in the armrests / center pieces, and ottoman. 

Costco also offers a three seated recliner in top grain leather for just under $1,500, another good budget buy for a higher grade of leather.

Movie Posters

Starting at just $7 each, movieposters.com offers over 40,000 movie posters to help decorate your home theatre.  Choose your favorite classic, or today’s hit picks to grace the walls of your theatre.  Frame in a standard black wood poster frame to bring the cinema experience to your home.

Sony Blu-ray Disc

At just under $250, Sony’s Blu-ray Disc™ plays movies in full high definition 1080 pixels for the ultimate home theatre experience – Sam’s Club has it in stock for $247.  If you really want quality, pair it with a 46 inch Sony Bravia LCD television for just under $1,800.