Budget Wall Solutions

Designing and decorating a dedicated home theatre on a budget is darn near impossible, as the electronics can run up costs in a heartbeat.  One way to save money is constructing your own wall panels for your home theatre.

Since you need to avoid hard, smooth surfaces that will bounce sound around the room, using a textured wall covering is optimal for home theatres. There are several costly, specialized solutions for home theatre walls, but fabric covered walls are the most budget-friendly option to add texture and softness to the walls, and balanced acoustics to the room. 

For an even less expensive option, consider fabric panels as a wainscoting, a lower wall covering for an extra elegant effect.  For each panel, you will need:

  • A ½ inch thick plywood panel
  • 2-1/2 yards of fabric of your choice
  • batting from any craft store
  • 3/8" staples
  • Staple gun
  • 1-1/4" wood screws – two sizes – 1-1/4 and 2 inches
  • scissors
  • hammer
  • Adhesive
  • table saw (optional)
  • drill
  • level

If you do not have a table saw, purchase your plywood at one of the larger chain hardware stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes.  They will cut it to size for you, so plan out your sizes and panels before purchasing the plywood.

Cut the fabric to size for the panel leaving two or more inches around all sides.  Place face down on a clean surface.

Use two layers of batting for best results cutting enough for at least two inches of excess on the top and bottom.  Place batting on fabric and the plywood on top of the batting – you’re whole panel is now face down on the floor and ready to assemble.

Tighten fabric folding around back and stapling with batting to the pack of the panel.  Trim excess fabric.  Watch the fabric in the corners, you can gather it in decorative folds, or ‘wrap’ the plywood like a present downplaying corners.

Voila, your panel is complete!  If this whole process sounds familiar, it may be, this is how you make a budget headboard for your bedroom as well!

There are several ways to attach the fabric panel to the wall, you can attach directly to the wall using unobtrusive screws, use a ‘cleat’ system just like you attach kitchen cabinets, or insert it into wood ‘frames’ on the wall for wainscoting panels.