Have a Seat, Any Seat

Home theatres are the all the rage, with dedicated rooms set up specifically for home entertainment systems running the spectrum of plasma televisions to surround sound.  The electronics are essential, but comfortable seating to enjoy the show is just as essential in decorating your home theatre.  There are a host of seating options available and the sky, and your budget is the limit. 

The five hottest seating choices for home theatres are:

Sectional Sofas

Specifically designed for home theatre use, there are a range of sectional styles and shapes.  Prices can range from as little as $1,000 up to $6,000, depending on how theatre specific you’d like your sectional to be.

Why can’t you just any old sectional in your home theatre?  You can, it’s a low budget option, but sectionals for cinema have lower backs and more viewer-friendly options.  The lower backs make it better for listening to that surround sound that’s oh-so important in your home theatre.

Theatre Rows

Sections of three or four plush seats for your viewing pleasure are available with plenty of extras for convenience.  Seats usually include cup holders, headrests and even snack trays.  Like sectionals, they come in a wide variety of prices, anywhere from $500 - $8,000 for a ‘row’. 

Most theatre rows recline to a variety of positions, and if you’re going for the gusto when choosing home theatre seating, try bass shakers, which allow the seat to resonate along with the soundtrack bass in the movie.


This choice gives the most versatile seating in home theatres, and can be arranged in any configuration.  You can use your plain, old recliners from the living room, but like the sectionals, the high backs can interfere with the surround sound system, particularly when they’re reclined.

If space is an issue in your home theatre, consider a wall-hugger feature, which lets the recliners recline fully just a couple of inches from the wall allowing you to save on valuable floor space.  Recliners have manual reclining, which can be an issue, as you cannot control the reclined position, your either reclined or your not, there's no in between.

Motorized Loungers

The power or motorized home theatre lounger will recline into any position via a motor allowing you control the precise angle of incline for optimal comfort and viewing angle, resulting in a seat that is custom-set to your height.

Motorized leather loungers are the next step up from the recliners and are offered in singles, pairs and rows of three.  Considered a better option than the cushy recliner, as the leather tends to optimize the surround sound system.

A decent pair of motorized loungers in leather with cup holders and bass shakers will cost approximately $1,500 - $3,000.

Movie Chairs

Just like you regular old movie theatre seats, but sold in sets of singles, movie chairs are a true budget option when choosing home theatre seating.   Available for under $500 each, movie chairs feature rocker seats and backs, lift-up cup holder armrests and upholstered padded armrests.

For a true theatre experience, movie chairs may be your budget solution for home theatre furnishings.

Consider all seating options when decorating and furnishing your home theatre - your comfort, family size and budget will help determine the perfect home theatre seating.