Movie Memorabilia

With movie posters being so popular for decorating a home theatre, movie memorabilia has burst on to the decorating scene as well.  Try some of these vintage or antique items to set the scene in your home theatre:

Movie Reels

Remember the old 10 inch movie reels, the ones where the tape would break and everything would come to a screeching halt.  Well, they may be out of use, but not out of style, they would make great home theatre décor hung on walls.  If they have a metallic exterior, consider hanging them just outside the doorway, as metallics and hard surfaces aren’t always best for home theatre interiors.

Director’s Clapboards

I love these!  You know the board they snap together and yell “Action”.  Would that be cute on the door to your home theatre, or what?  You can buy used clapboards or newer reproductions and personalize.  They run in the price range of $10 - $30 and come in slate, chalkboard finish and wipeboard finish.


Before the days of walkie talkies, the director had his megaphone to shout “Quiet on the set”.  Fun wall décor for your dedicated home theatre.  Newer reproductions are available for less than $20.  Older, vintage megaphones have proved to be difficult to find in the secondary market – but if you find one, snap it up!

Movie Cameras

Perfect to fill an empty back corner in a home theatre, a vintage movie camera on a tripod would be the ultimate movie collectible.  To find an intact camera with the original tripod won’t be cheap.  Older movie cameras themselves can be found for under $50, mount one on a separate tripod to get the same look for much less.

Autographed Photos

For a vintage movie theme, look no further than the glamorous still shots of Hollywood starlets, autographed are even better.  Reproduction and original autographed photos are readily available for collectors and decorators for reasonable prices.  Add a matt and a frame and group together for a true vintage style for your theatre.

Add one type or several types of movie memorabilia to set the stage for your home theatre, go glam or grand with theatre related collectibles.