Den Decorating Craze - Man Caves

Did you ever happen to catch the one-man show popular in the 1990’s, Defending the Caveman?  The whole premise was men are hunters and women are gatherers, thus, men would rather sit silently and watch TV while women prefer getting together in groups and chatting at the mall.

One example: If six men are watching TV around and they finish off the chips, they will negotiate and the one who didn't bring anything will have to go get more chips.  If six women are in the same position, all six will get up and go to the kitchen together for more chips and chatting.

Triggered in part by the DIY Network series “Man Caves”, cavemen across the country are looking for a space to call their own.  This one isn’t about family time, it’s not about decorating, it’s about him.  Consider giving up your den to your dude to create his man cave nest.  The only decorating requirements:

  • A flat screen TV;
  • A Bar and/or mini fridge; and
  • Comfortable seating.

Everything else is optional, and up to them.   Ladies, hands off this decorating project – it’s a DIY project that you want nothing to do with.  Let them have at it – but perhaps you could suggest some type of soundproofing materials for the wall and carpet to help absorb the noise.

Men defend their tiny territory as necessary down time and a place to display their memorabilia and their favorite sports décor.  In fact, many man caves came about as a place to gather to watch football. 

It’s a win/win situation.  Let them contain themselves, their clutter, their friends, their mess, their big screen monsters and their old trophies in a den man cave.   This will, in turn, remove it, them and their mess out of the family and living room.

In a recent CNN story on man caves, Steve Brody, a clinical psychologist from Cambria, California, who specializes in marriage counseling, thinks man caves and marriage make a good mix:  "Separate time is important," he says. "A good relationship has both intimacy and independence. Man caves may just be the 21st-century wrinkle to it."

So, if your spouse’s décor, friends and football frenzy are taking over the house, take a hint from the World Health Organization’s plan for dealing with airborne illnesses, contain and isolate the problem – in this case, the Man Cave is the cure.