Reclining in Style

A must have for a comfy den, recliners are man’s best friend, not to mention woman’s.  There’s nothing more relaxing than a plush recliner for watching television, reading or napping, making it the perfect den furnishing. 

Traditional recliners haven’t always slipped seamlessly into high style and modern rooms, but new offerings and tricked out accessories are making them much more design friendly.

There are several types of recliners on the market today:

  • Traditional – the old lever or push back version that needs one foot or more for wall clearance is the most budget friendly type of recliner.
  • Wall-savers – Requiring only an additional 6-10 inches of space between the wall and the chair, wall savers can be space savers, but tend to cost slightly more.
  • Push back – More of a ½ recliner, as the back reclines and there is no foot rest, not the most comfortable option if you’re looking for a nap-friendly seating option, but slips into modern styles much more easily.

Rocking, gliding and heating are just some of the more traditional recliner options, but you won’t believe some of the newer accessories being offered in today’s recliners.

  • Power recliners make the two position recliner look like child’s play with any level of recline available at the push of a button;
  • Bass shakers make recliners great options for home theatre seating;
  • Cup holders for a no-movement-necessary evening, some even light up for home theatre use;
  • Massage and heat functions for the ultimate in relaxation;
  • Swivel trays that can be hidden in the arm;
  • Memory foam – it goes from space to the bed, so why not the recliner?
  • Refrigerators – For the ultimate option, how about a built in refrigerator?  They have them – a lift top compartment built into the arms to keep drinks cool.

Now that you have the ultimate in comfort, match it up to the ultimate in style.  Any covering is available, with leather being one of the most popular.  With durability and wear that shows character rather than age, leather can add big to the cost, but can be worth it for the long term.

If all those don’t have your head spinning, wait until you see the designs available, from traditional wing chairs to sleek modern examples, recliners have come a long way.