Multi-tasking in the Den

Not every homeowner has the luxury of an extra room to turn in to a den retreat and hideaway.  More than likely, your den will have to pull double duty.

Guest Rooms

Hate to have a room you may use once or twice a year during the holidays – we’re talking the guest room, not the den…Have your den ready, willing and able to take on guest duty.  Your main concern will be sleeping.  Futons and sleep sofas have come a long way from the days of the iron bar in your back syndrome.  Not only can your guest sleep here, but they may value some down time as well, and will welcome the chance to have some private time in your den reading and relaxing.

Home Offices

Your den can double as your home office, and often does the job quite nicely.  Make sure your work area doesn’t overwhelm the room.  Cabinets and hideaways to stow work related items come in handy.  A computer armoire serves nicely to hide the computer and clutter.  

Try to keep the focal point of the room away from the working area.  A comfortable sofa can distract the eye from the desk and cabinets.  For goodness sakes, don’t even think of having a metal file cabinet!

Family Rooms

If you need the den to function as the family room as well, hopefully it will be large enough to accommodate both functions.  In that case, arrange two functional areas within the room.  Group furniture in two separate arrangements, one with the television and a seating area, the other with a reading ‘nook’ away from the main traffic area.  Use area rugs to define the two spaces, and yes, area rugs can be used over carpet.


The latest trend in master bedrooms is having a master suite with a bedroom, walk-in closet, den and master bath.  I love it!  You can live in this room if you have to! 

Decorate the den area with a comfy chaise lounge with a throw.  Don’t forget the table for your cocoa and a reading lamp.  Another option is to share the den in the bedroom with your significant other.  Furnish it with a table for two for morning coffee and reading the paper.  A pair of wingback chairs and a tilt top table can serve quite nicely in a traditional master suite.

If you don’t have the luxury of a private den to call your own, don’t give up – there’s a room somewhere, somehow that can do double duty as a den.