Bachelor Pad Decorating

Decorating an apartment doesn’t have to be a girly-girl endeavor.  If you’re living alone and loving it, take time to make you’re apartment your own.  Hopefully you’re not one of those guys content with lawn furniture in tthe living room.  Now I may be stereotyping here, but I have never, I repeat, never, seen a female use lawn furniture in the living room.

Perhaps you crave a mancave, the latest trend in decorating where men get a whole room to themselves to make the ultimate male retreat.  In that case, you don’t have just a room to work with, you have the whole darn apartment!

10 Easy Steps To Decent Apartment Décor

If you're challenged in the decorating department, there are 10 easy steps to living room apartment décor:

  • Buy a comfortable leather sofa, that way you don’t need to worry about upholstery, patterns and colors.  Don’t buy a couch that is too large or it will overwhelm the room.  Consider top grain or full grain leather, it’s much sturdier and more attractive than the bonded leather or split grain leather.
  • Buy a pair of comfortable chairs that look nice with the couch.  Recliners come in a host of styles and don’t have to be ugly to be comfortable.  They can also recline in such a way that they don’t have to be placed too far from the wall, taking up valuable floor space.
  • Place the chairs at an angle next to the couch so guests can see the television and talk with someone sitting on the couch.
  • Place a small table between the chairs and a coffee table in front of the couch.  Glass topped tables with an open base will help make the room look larger.  Try to have a table within reach of all seating so guests will have somewhere to put their drinks.
  • Buy an area rug to complement the couch and chairs.  An 8 x 10 usually works best, at least the front of all of the furniture should be able to fit on the rug.
  • Buy a table lamp and floor lamp for the area.
  • For accessories, buy a plant and a few small items for the tables.  Group them together in groups of three.  One group on the coffee table and a table lamp and two more accessories on the side table.
  • Buy some artwork for the walls.  Consider a mirror to help the room look lighter and brighter.
  • If you’re allowed to paint, consider a light wall color that coordinates with rug, couch and chairs.
  • Now set up your television on a decent stand that helps hide cords and tucks cable or satellite boxes, speakers and other accessories under the screen.

Not too difficult, was it?  Make sure you choose everything you like and what’s comfortable to you, because as soon as you’re married, you will never have that chance again.