Is Bigger Better?

One side of apartment living that is always brought up when you’re looking for budget decorating ideas is size.  There are many tips available for making your space look bigger and decorating for a smaller space.  But these days, what’s wrong with a little space?

As downsizing and frugality take center stage in today’s economy, people are realizing that larger homes are not always the best bet, and a small apartment may be just what the accountant ordered.  Many apartment dwellers love the size of their apartment.  It’s just perfect for them, and they don’t mind making the concessions that come with living in a small apartment.


The smaller the space, the less there is to clean.  On the other hand, there may be less to clean, but keeping it clean and clutter free is more important in a smaller apartment, as a few out of place items can make a room look like a hurricane just blew through. 

Make sure your apartment is easy to clean by keeping clutter to a minimum and having adequate storage.  If you don’t have a place to store something, it just gets moved from place to place and will always be a thorn in your side.  Find a way to take care of it once and for all.

Environmental Issues

Your small apartment is making much less of a carbon footprint than its McMansion counterparts.  Apartments not only use less energy due to their size, but being in a building next to other apartments helps keep the elements outs and heat and cool air in when necessary.  The environment will appreciate your eco-friendly-sized apartment, so will your wallet when it comes time to pay the electric bill.


As we age, we accumulate more and more junk.  By the time we’re in our forties and fifties we’re ready to downsize due to the shear amount of junk we have.  Apartment dwellers have learned by necessity not to accumulate too many unnecessary items.  It makes life much more simple not to be laden with too many belongings.  The thought of moving right now shakes me to the core knowing how much packing, sorting and hauling would have to be done after six years in a large home.

So while you're decorating your small apartment, don’t despair, there are people in large homes who are jealous of your small area.