Doorway Decorating

Although you live in an apartment, don’t give up on ‘curb appeal’ for your apartment.   While many apartment doors will not be seen from the street, wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a welcoming doorway rather than a cold, stark, steel door with nothing but a peephole?


There are wreath and hook magnets cthat an be put to good use on steel doors, and at the very least can hold a nice seasonal wreath.  Nothing too floral or fancy, or it will look out of place, but a nice, casual simple wreath will not only spruce up the doorway, but the whole hall as well.

If you happen to run into a floor vase or inexpensive floor accessory, how about a nice vase of bamboo stalks or similar next to the door?  Check with your apartment manager or in your lease to make sure it’s allowable.  I wouldn’t use any accessory worth over $10 - $20, particularly if it’s not a secure area.

And since you have a doorway, at the very least you should be allowed to have a doormat.  Don’t go too thick or large for the matt, you don’t want it to become a tripping hazard, but if you’re using the floor vase, it will help create a little safe area for it.

Don’t make the area too fancy or frilly, but if you’re allowed to use some exterior hallway decoration, you may just start a trend, your neighbors could follow suit and change the hall from stark to striking.


First impressions are everything in an apartment, so create an entryway on the interior as well.  Take note of the first thing you see when you step in your door.  Is it pleasing or plain? If you’re staring at a blank wall, consider a mirror or piece of wall art.  If there’s room, a narrow hall table would be perfect to hold a few accessories, along with your car keys and a table lamp.

If you step right into the living room from the doorway, is the television the first thing you see?  If so, re-arrange to refocus the room.  Try a comfy couch or seating area to serve as a focal point in the room rather than the television set.  If you’re in a studio apartment, try not to have the sleeping area seen from the doorway, but again, use the seating area for the living space to set the first impression.

Apartment living presents unique design challenges, particularly with space and lease limitations.  Use creativity and think outside the box to overcome them and make your rental space a comfy, cozy home.