How To Decorate A Small Apartment

Are you moving in to a new apartment? Are you having problems with the small space? Whether you are moving to a new apartment or downsizing from a larger living space to a smaller one, here are a few decorating tips that you may want to consider for your place.

Creativity is the Key

Creativity plays a great role when you move into a smaller space. It is easier to decorate a big home or apartment, but it is so much more challenging to choose appropriate pieces for a small one. This is where your creativity is tested because a small apartment needs space-saving furniture. These are widely available in lots of furniture shops, but if you already have furniture from your old place then consider selling them or having them repurposed so that they can be adapted into the new home.

Be conscious of the measurements and dimensions of the furniture and appliances you'll be getting. When looking for new furniture, make sure that they are of the appropriate size. Remember that a full-sized couch may not be able to fit inside the new place, so consider a loveseat instead. The same is true for the bed, dining table and other large furniture and appliances.  Drop-leaf or extension tables are good space savers, for example, since the extension can be kept when not in use.

Make Spaces Appear Bigger

One of the tricks of making small spaces look bigger is to paint with bright colors. Yellows and whites are good color schemes for cramped places. Choose vertical stripes for curtains or drapery to make the ceiling appear higher. Mirrors will also give the illusion of more space. Directional lighting can also be fitted as well as lamps in order to help break sections of the apartment into different living zones.

In order to save on more space, install floor to ceiling bookshelves, organizers, cabinets and storage areas. Maybe you can have an entertainment center that can double as a bookshelf.  A coffee table can also double as a chest that can be used to store your other stuff too. You can also consider a sofa bed as an alternative to a conventional bed.

Arrange, Arrange, Arrange

Arrangement also plays a key role not only in the overall look and feel of your new apartment but also in terms of space. A well arranged apartment can be made to look bigger if the organization is flowy rather than cramped and cluttered. Not only will a well organized and neat apartment have a more welcoming ambiance, it also makes the place more relaxing to come home to.

Small spaces can look just as good and beautifully elegant as large homes. Remember to choose a style that you like and incorporate it to your home. The key point when moving to a smaller place is to scale down. You don't want to make the apartment looked cramped and small. Find pieces to suit your small apartment in order to give it the illusion of more space.