Tiny Apartment Bathrooms

If you can step out of your shower and into your bedroom, you’re suffering from tiny bathroom syndrome, and you may need help!  Apartments aren’t known for their luxurious, spa retreat bathrooms, in fact, many just offer the basics with just a pedestal sink, shower and toilet with not much space in between.  How do you cope with a little lavatory?

Shower Curtains

A bright, cheerful shower curtain will spruce up your space.  If you go with a small pattern, it can help make the room look larger.  And speaking of the shower, you’ll need a shower organizer that offers several shelves for shampoo, soap, etc.  There are plenty on the market for under $25 that don’t need installation and use a tension rod for instant setup.

Storage Space

With no vanity space to speak of, you’re going to need to take your space to a new level.  Check your lease or with your landlord to see about installing a shelf, or two or even three.  To keep them from looking cluttered, use baskets to hold smaller items.

Without storage space, consider a freestanding shelf or cabinet that can go over the back of the toilet.  Avoid using the back of the toilet for storage space, things always seems to slide off and make a mess. There are several shelf options that have closed doors, glass doors, open shelving, towel bars and hooks.  Use over the door hooks that require no installation to hold robes and towels.

A basket next to the sink can hold clean towels and washcloths.  Use every inch of space, including a corner if you can.  A freestanding corner shelf makes good use of this normally wasted space.  Open shelving will make the area look larger than it is, and glass even more so.

With all those baskets in use, make them look as if they’re coordinated accessories.  If the baskets are different colors, spray paint them all the same color.  Take an accent color from the shower curtain and buy a roll of ribbon.  Weave the ribbon through the sides of the basket, around the rim, or just tie it up in a bow around it.


Whatever you do, don’t buy the 3 piece bathroom rug set, it will just emphasize the lack of floor space.  Try one or two slip proof fluffy rugs instead of the fitted set.

While you may not be able to create the luxury spa look, with plenty of shelves, baskets and some bright colors, that little room might not be so bad after all.  It’s certainly easier to clean!